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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

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He did it because he loved the script.
Indeed. He'd turned down several prior offers to reprise his role as Spock before JJ Abrams and Bad Robot came along.
I thought that was more about money than anything else (for example, his refusal to appear in Generations, which necessitated them recruiting James Doohan to reprise his role as Scotty).
(Looks like like Stoek the Halls beat me to the punch!)

IIRC, Nimoy stated that Spock's lines and actions as originally written in Generations were so generic that he felt that they really did not do the character justice or advance the character's
development in any way.... ANYBODY could have given the lines. They weren't really having Spock contribute in a Spock-like fashion, so he declined to appear. It was not a money thing.

In any interview I have seen or read about relating to Trek 2009, Nimoy has only been full of compliments for Abrams and the script and the movie.

I was lucky enough to meet J. J. Abrams in L.A. and I told him how much I loved the movie. I was another one of those 5 years old watching Trek when it premiered. I would suggest that anyone implying that I am not a real Star Trek fan has a tenuous grip on reality.
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