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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

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He did it because he loved the script.
Yeah, apparently he came out of retirement to do it.
Because the price was right.
So far as I know Mr. Nimoy is not hurting for money. At this stage in his life he seems to only take on those projects which interest him. It is well known that he's fairly protective of Spock and prefers not to be involved with anything where he does not believe there's a genuine point to the characters appearance. This was the case with Generations where he felt that the lines being attributed to his character could just have easily been given to another actor. Which they were.

With the latest movie however his Spock was integral to the story.

To the best of my knowledge this and only this was his prime concern. If he had not liked the script and felt that there was a reason for his Spock to appear I do not believe there is any amount of money they could have offered him that he would have accepted.
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