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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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So have they moved the Leviathan story into the New 52 then, or is it still in the pre-Flashpoint universe?
I don't know, and after reading Leviathan Strikes! I'm not sure if I really care if it's in the DCnU. I'll take it on its own terms.

In a way, I'm glad that it wasn't published in the individual issues when they were supposed to; the Batgirl chapter (would have been Batman, Inc. #9) would have been a little problematical in Batgirl's continuity between issues #22 and #23. (Stephanie told her mom that she was going to London for a few days, but her adventure at the boarding school lasts over a month. Not only that, but she couldn't just disappear from Gotham U for over a month. People would ask questions, she'd fail her classes.)

If Leviathan Strikes does take place in the DCnU, then I'm tentatively putting it after Batgirl #24. The missing link between Batgirl #22 and #23 is Batman arranging for Steph's enrollment at the school, and then after #24 (and the semester) Steph goes back to London to complete her assignment. In this case, we may well have two Batgirls in the DCnU; Barbara resumed the role since 1) she could walk again and 2) Steph was out of Gotham.

Still, the best line? "Outstanding work, Batgirl." As a long-time Steph fan, that means a lot for Bruce to say that to Steph.
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