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Paper Moon
Re: Star Trek: Typhon Pact: The Struggle Within (ebook) review thread

Hello all! Long-time lurker, first time poster, will try my best not to look foolish...

(Also, I hope The Powers That Be don't mind my resurrecting an old thread, but I did want to throw in my two cents.)

I just finished reading TSW and I have to say, I really quite enjoyed it. While I agree that it would make a fantastic full-length novel, I think there's something to be said for this shorter length format. Feels a bit like the difference between, say, a late 7th season DS9 episode and a mid 5th season DS9 episode. Yeah, these long, detailed, epic stories are great (I love 'em, can't get enough), but these shorter, more contained, more episodic stories are really quite nice, too.

Reading Christopher's annotations, I was interested to see that he considered the Talarian story to be the A-story; the Kinshaya narrative seemed to be slightly more prominent and more compelling. But that may have just been me.

Given the pace at which we are moving through the 2380's, I would be glad to see more novel(la?)s like TSW, electronic or not, come out. Eventually Picard will have to retire (logically), eventually Romulus will be destroyed, eventually we will reach The Good That Men Do's Pax Galactica... we have such a great set of in-universe circumstances right now, so many story opportunities, so I hope the authors get as much time as possible to play.
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