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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

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No offense, but you seem far too forgiving of Nemesis and other Trek movies many people consider bad (not too many people think Star trek V is a good film) and are far too harsh on Star Trek 11.

Exactly how are Nemesis and Star Trek V good films, how are the plot holes in those movies forgivable?
I don't think star trek V is a good film by any stretch of the imagination (the humor in it was terrible). I was just pointing out that it, at the very least, employed some attempt at storytelling and philosophical message, instead of a jumble of scenes designed to distract the viewer from the fact that they ware watching a special effects extravaganza (I know there were no amazing effects in star trek V but you nonetheless get my point).
In my opinion "Who Mourns for Adonais?" made the point far better than TFF. I perceive it as a simple point and not even as a dense theme so I wouldn't call it a philosophical message.
I would agree though that TFF had more potential to be good. While the script was not perfect its main issues were production problems and I think that with ST09 it is the other way around, great production, mediocre script.
Exactly. Star trek 2009 was not a bad film to LOOK AT but as a life long admirer of profound dialog and decent script writing, I was frustrated through out the entire thing.

And I still can never get past how easily Imposter kirk was promoted to captain. That is just not logical in a 23rd century starfleet setting, alternate time line or not, unless of course it's the mirror universe time-line where evil bastards will do anything to increase their rank overnight.
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