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Re: Does It Get Better???

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As for "Alliances", I thought it was good but the ending disappointed me, "we've tried one time to go away from Federation rules so that means we can never and should never try again".
Oh, it's much worse than that because they didn't even break the rules. They considered breaking the rules, but then they had the bright idea of hosting a peace conference instead, and when that blew up in their faces Janeway blames it on the fact that they broke the rules, but they didn't! And nobody in the room dares to point out that her perception of reality is flawed, they all just nod their heads and agree to wish their problems away with her. And it works! Seriously, they literally wish their problems away at the end of that episode, everything that happened in the first two acts is ignored so that Janeway can give a nice, inspirational speech.

It was a good episode overall, but that final minute pisses me off no end.
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