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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

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The reason star trek employed so much scientific jargon is because it is in keeping with the premise of the show (TOS, TNG and VOY primarily).

Which is as a medium to express not only ideas but languages of reason. And science, like logistics, is a language of reason. Which is why it is a very important component of star trek that should never be brushed aside.

It shows that humans have evolved to seek out truth, in whatever form, through evolved systems of scientific exploration.

This is what I liked so much about TNG. It didn't insult the intelligence of the viewer by coming up with things (like red matter for example) without at least trying to explain it in some rational, conclusive way. Episodes like cause and effect illustrate this.
I disagree, Trek is above all about enlightenment (to be strict it is about self-critical enlightenment as the bureaucracy of the Gulag and the concentration camp is also consequence of the enlightenment period) and not science.
Take TWOK, McCoy's rant about the Genesis device turns out to be correct in the next movie. Take the fuzzy 1990-2160 fictional history of Trek, science run amok via the genetic redesign of humans into Augments as well as the killing of people with radiation sickness has lead to immense suffering.
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