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Re: Does It Get Better???

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@Admiralscreed. Yes, "Tattoo" is an abomination of an episode. "Cold Fire", "Maneuvers" and "Resistance" are all solid episodes. I always felt "Cold Fire" could have been much stronger though, I know Braga can do better than that.
We agree! Hip hip hooray!

I've given plenty of 7's this season, but I'm still waiting for that super special episode that will get a 9 or 10, or at the very least an 8. Hopefully that episode will come soon.

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Just watched Thresholds...oh my.

From beginning to end this episode was pretty absurd, although I do think it had its redeeming moments. The Doctor was very funny in this episode, and a lot of his remarks made me laugh.
Overall, I'll give it a 2/10, and that's a generous rating.
Two more to go and you should run into one of the best of season 2 imo, and I think you'll like Dreadnought. You seem to have started with a distaste for DQ species, and it's a nice break from that. I don't think that's too much of a spoiler since you get that feeling in the first few minutes.

After that...

Death Wish is bleh

Lifesigns is pretty boring but sets up at least 3 later episodes

Investigations is average unless you really like Neelix then it's great

Deadlock is overall good Trek

Innocence is solid Trek as well

The Thaw is annoying as hell imo

Tuvix ... not my taste. why doesn't he weigh 400lbs?


Basics has a few good parts but most of it feels stretched to fill 2 hours.
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