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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

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You can this, effectively, compare this film unfavorably to any of the other trek films and prove the points I made earlier.

Yes, that includes star trek V too, believe it or not.
The funniest thing about your argument is that Star Trek 2009 and Nemesis hit some of the same philosophical notes about nature vs. environment in a persons development. They may disagree about the outcome but are hitting the same points just the same.
Indeed, NEM seems to entertain the idea of free will whereas ST09 seems to entertain the idea of fate.
But what about a slightly different reading, NEM say that Picard would not have ended up as Shinzon did if he were in his shoes and ST09 says that Kirk ends up as Kirk even if a nasty Rommie kills his daddy. In other words, human subjectivity, the essence of Kirk and Picard, is basically independent of external circumstances. I like this reading not because it is really accurate but because it shows that from one angle free will and fate are not opposites but coincide.
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