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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

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He means the black hole Voyager 6 fell into, not the warp imbalance wormhole the Enterprise engines created, nitwit.
That was not described as a time portal! Please educate yourself more.

And didn't someone say it was NOT okay to name call on this forum?

I have not called a person a name once and this person gets away with it? Talk about bias.
It was never clarified in the film that it wasn't also displaced in time, the novel of the film implies the probe was thrown centuries into the past. The "black hole" in question would also have been close to or even at the edge of our solar system, possibly some short lived event, so we already have a precedant of this phenomena, naturally occuring even, as far back as 1979 (2273).
I was going to say, it would be reasonable (especially in the Trek universe) to assume that the blackhole it fell into was some weird anomaly that popped up in it's way.
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