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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

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In order to create a space/time portal, like the one witnessed in DS9, that we know as a 'wormhole' you have to have two points of the curvature of space/time meeting and effectively lessening the distance between two points. But in DS9, with the bajoran wormhole, it was space you were traversing, not time. But the same parameters apply. Both are based in relativity, and have potential for logical scientific explanation even in a fictional universe based on scientific principles. This red matter/black hole/time portal non-sense does not!
Read this:

Black holes were previously used for travel through space and time in "Tomorrow is Yesterday" and "Star Trek: The Motion Picture"
Well, in Tomorrow is Yesterday it isn't travel through the black hole that causes the time travel, it's the forces required to pull away from it that did.
And at least they provided some scientific background or explanation for it, even if it was just theoretical. There is no such thing in star trek 2009.
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