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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

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As for the characters behaving "out of character," I think we're forgetting that these people are younger than we ever saw them in the show.
So that justifies starfleet cadets acting like complete imbeciles with knee jerk reactions to everything?

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When we first met Kirk, he was already in command of the Enterprise. Here, we're meeting him as a teenager. We're also meeting him in an alternate timeline, a timeline where he didn't have his father around to influence his development. OF COURSE he's going to act like a different person.
A different person, meaning a complete imbecile? If TOS taught us anything, it's that people with alcohol problems would have gotten help long before they would be able to go on this series of mis-steps. Yes, there was the bar fight in trouble with tribbles, but it did not alter the central characters, or their moral approach to other humans and other species.

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I would also argue that Star Trek has never been about "exploring new worlds." It's about using the sci-fi setting to explore the human condition, and I think ST09 did a great job of that!
When? Where?
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We got to explore Kirk's development from a drunken farmboy to a cadet at the Academy to someone who was put in a very difficult situation and had to take command of a starship.
Kirk is the exact same person at the end of this film as he was in the beginning. An obnoxious, arrogant idiot. How he orders the destruction of nero's ship despite the fact that it was a sitting duck is ample evidence of that. This arrogant idiot does not deserve command of a starship! He is not kirk, he is an imposter.
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