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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

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They outline (their opinions why they didn't like the movie too), (opinions) that most of you (do not hold).
Fixed it for ya'...

1-(as I pointed out already) The main characters are completely OUT of character.

2-The human race is suppose to have gotten over its insipid ways by then, and the kirk character is suppose to be an enlightened individual, not a petty 30 year old idiot with a chip on his shoulder and a lust for power (don't even tell me the TOS was not enlightened compared to this idiot we saw in this film).
Revisionist history by the Great Bird himself. Go back to TOS and you will see that is not true.

3-The film was nothing but shallow bombast, literally. The so called 'plot' WAS the filler. And those of you who have the arrogance to compare this to the wrath of khan are simply delusional. TWOK was an amazing movie, this does not compare on any level to that master piece.
This isn't even a criticism. It's a rant at best, and flamebaiting at worst. Next!

4-There is no one to like here. Where is kirk again? All I see is some idiot with an arrogant disposition walking around, acting no better than people of today. That might fit in with some genre films, but not star trek. Star trek was never about humans being exactly the same as they are now, it was about them being BETTER than they are now so we would have something to inspire us to the future.
Opinion. And again, it is influenced by Roddenbery's revisionist history of what TOS and Trek was.

5-The completely DUMB writing that spurts out everywhere all over this movie. To say the film 'is not perfect' is a complete understatement. The characters motivations make absolutely no god damned sense at all. They are like little kids trying to fight their way out of a cardboard box and shredding the box and every bit of logic with it into pieces. The idiocy of nero's actions, the idiocy of spocks actions, the complete overall idiocy of imposter kirk, you have to be of a very short attention span to not suspend disbelief in the face of this pure idiocy. And once again, getting promoted from cadet to captain during a training mission is COMPLETELY STUPID AND SHOULD RUIN THE PREMISE OF THE ENTIRE MOVIE TO ANYONE WITH HALF A BRAIN!
And again, a rant - not a criticism. And more flame-baiting.

At least Nemesis made some degree of sense from an x-y-z perspective. At least the characters motivations for doing things weren't 'uh just cause i uh felt like it duh'.
Good. I'm glad you enjoyed NEM. Truly.

I did not.

Star trek 2009 is NOT a star trek movie, it is a movie for people who hate star trek, to insult the real essence of star trek with. It is pure garbage for the masses and people with short attention spans who will just as easily like transformers and twilight.
Your opinion.
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