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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

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Because he has no control over where the black hole sends him.
But spock prime does! He has a time ship!

He can go back in time right before nero's planet was destroyed, fix the problem and thus never necessitate the rest of the events of the film!

Oh right, I keep forgetting that JJ and company like to insult peoples intelligence with useless plot devices.
No, he doesn't. He has a ship that is really fast and carries Red Matter.
It makes no sense at all that they can travel back and forth in time using all kinds of techniques (slingshot effect for example) but spock prime would not take this option to effect the time line in nero and spock primes future, thus arbitrarily creating a series of useless plot devices!

How the hell can red matter cause planets to explode at the same time as creating a black hole that is really a time portal? Makes no sense at all. There is zero attempt at explanation of this.
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