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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

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Those aren't facts, sorry. They're merely what YOU like about Star Trek, and what YOU believe is lacking in the 09 film.

No, they are what made star trek popular and what was DEFINITELY and WITHOUT A SHRED OF DOUBT lacking in the thing called star trek 2009.

Not to mention something called logic. Star trek always had logic, at least with regard to human interactions, ideology and chain of command.

How the HELL can anyone just shrug off imposter kirk being promoted to captain from cadet so haphazardly?

Quite simply, if you think star trek 2009 is a star trek movie you are obviously more a fan of bombastic action films than actually star trek itself.
Without a shred of doubt in your mind. You're not a god, your opinion is only that - your opinion. Does that mass of support for the movie not show you that maybe others' viewpoint could have some validity? That your narrow-minded way may not be the only one?

Fans shrug off the sillier aspects of this movie the same way fans have shrugged off the implausible nonsense in other Star Treks. Genesis? Spock's resurrection? The Nexus? The various portrayals of time travel? V'ger, a probe with godlike powers that never thought to wipe the muck of it's own name plate?

Heck, we even saw another cadet-turned-captain in DS9's "The Valiant". And that one didn't have Pike's glowing recommendation and a Vulcan from an alternate future on his side!
Are you kidding me? Those things don't even compare.

Genesis is a brilliant concept, and terra-forming became a burgeoning scientific concept in my childhood (mid-late 90s) which means that star trek, once again was filled with insights of the future of science. Spocks body being sequestered to the Genesis planet only extends its use as a place of regeneration. At least the film explains that. The 2009 thing makes absolutely no effort to explain the arbitrary nature of red matter. It just happens to be able to blow up planets AND make you travel back in time, just cuz the writers need it to. Convenient plot device. In other words, complete non-sense.
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