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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

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Everything you say here is the same unsupported refrain I hear from adopters of the 2009 film. And it is completely illogical and non-sensical.

The 'fun' of star trek?

The FUN of star trek was always in exploring not only new worlds, but the scientific understanding of these new worlds, and of seeing how we have bettered ourselves as a species compared to how we are today.

If you find nothing but endless bombast 'fun' you

1-Are 10 years old

2-Will just as easily like transformers

3-Probably hate the majority of all the high minded star trek films and shows that have been released, which, like it or not, were the very essence that made it what star trek has been come to be known for.

I won't even address the Shinzon non-sense you spewed because it is completely unfounded. He was a romulan clone of picard who was programmed to reach a point of malevolence toward picard and the federation at a certain point of his life. That is all I will say about that, put the rest of the pieces together yourself.
TOS was often incredibly goofy. TFF and ST09 are the two movies which come most close to it.
Strange, most of the time I hear that I am an irrational ST09 basher.

Seriously, I tried to be moderate and reasonable with you, despite the "real fan" nonsense with which you started this thread, despite your constant use of the the word objective in a discussion about art/entertainment. No more second chances, if you behave like a total jerk and call other people infantile (while, what sweet irony, not even caring about decent capitalization) just because they dislike NEM more than ST09 and view ST09 as not utterly bad you can talk with yourself.
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