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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

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I found the characters likable, familiar (although modernized) and the film itself true to Trek's ideals. There was more racial diversity in this film than any prior Star Trek. A UNITED Earth, going out into space.

Sorry it didn't work for you.
Modernized? I found them antiquated actually. I found the characters of TOS, TNG, VOY and DS9 modernized, civilized, evolved and in keeping with the ideals of the original star trek vision for humanity. These characters? Found them to be idiotic grunts from the past.
That same DS9 that went out of it's way to show that humans aren't nearly as civilized at they want the galaxy to think? The one where the Federation permits murder and genocide?
No, the humans in DS9 were still as civilized as they were in TNG. You are confusing the fact that they had to deal with a dominion war, the cardassians and a Ferengi who was constantly trying to pull the wool over their eyes, with them not being civilized. At no point in the show did they behave with malevolence or cowardice toward other humans or other species. They always tempered their judgment with logic and seriously considered their actions, and never did captain sisko and company shoot down a sitting duck ship!
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