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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

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In a contest between a terrible movie that was a another painful re-concluding of TNG vs a forgettable but entertaining romp, I'd sooner not spend too much time on either.

But if I had to choose, I feel my fan "cred" would actually be saved a bit by going with the one that was at least entertaining without hurting much, rather than the abomination.

It's like choosing between watching Leave it to Beaver, or getting hit by a sock full of batteries. I'd go with the beaver and feel no shame.

what do you mean by another painful re-concluding of TNG? When was there an attempted conclusion of TNG before?
No, I just meant they had already ended the show with All Good Things the same year which was a great end, then they release Generations which is another "conclusion" to the series but worse.

They would have been much better off leaving us with All Good Things and ST VI as the last big adventures of Kirk and Picard, instead of puking all over both of them simultaneously with Generations.

Edit: *Facepalm* I thought I was talking Generations here today. But to my point, Generations was the first "re-concluding" of TNG I was referring to. Both it and Nemesis tried to be a big farewell movie for TNG (and in the case of Generations, TOS as well) and both were terrible, especially when compared to All Good Things.
Even generations was better than this heaping pile of manure called star trek 2009.

Even if it seems like a two part episide, and even if the death of kirk was not as noble as we would have liked, it is a far better movie philosophically and intellectually, than this thing called star trek 2009.

The only thing that I will say upsets me about the film is the fact that scotty appears in it, which should not have been the case since when he appeared in TNG episode 'relics' and he emerges from the transporter pattern buffer he makes a comment that kirk must have sent the enterprise himself. Now it could be that he was momentarily disoriented but if not it is a serious contradiction since he witnessed kirks death in the beginning of generations.

But other than this one little thing, far better trek film than star trek 2009 (which really wasn't even a trek film). And generations has never ranked as one of my favorite trek films, so it shows how much I really hate this thing that bears the trek namesake called star trek 2009.
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