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Re: Charlie Brooker Black Mirror

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...the entire cast of characters are this unlikeable... The dinner party was just excruciatingly painful to watch... Hard to imagine this was written by one of the Peep Show guys.
I don't know, unlikeable characters and painful situations are the things at the very core of Peep Show.

Anything remotely interesting (gouging, the airport security, the woman without a grain not being able to report a crime, hell even his job review) was sidelined by a story that was essentially 'Eastenders in the future...'
Ah yes, the old "It's about human relationships, therefore it's a soap opera" mentality.

How often do you pass airport security? How often do you report a crime? How often do you have a performance evaluation? A couple of times a year, or lifetime, most likely. Now, how often do you interact with friends or loved ones? I'm going to guess that it's something you do pretty much daily. So, is this thing that is a ubiquitous element of our lives not worthy of an examination through the lense of this magical technology? I'm all for sci-fi exploring how futuristic technologies could shape our societies, but exploring how they could impact us on a personal level is just as, if not more, important.
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