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Re: Charlie Brooker Black Mirror

Well that's 50 minutes of my life I won't ever re-do....awful. I'm all for dark and gritty, but where the entire cast of characters are this unlikeable then there's nothing and nobody to engage with. The dinner party was just excruciatingly painful to watch. The central premise was interesting but was handled in such a dull way with a dull story riffing on Coupling's 'The Cupboard of Patrick's Love' without any of the energy from that story. Hard to imagine this was written by one of the Peep Show guys.

Anything remotely interesting (gouging, the airport security, the woman without a grain not being able to report a crime, hell even his job review) was sidelined by a story that was essentially 'Eastenders in the future...'

Frankly Strange Days and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind have trodden similar ground in far more engaging ways.

Overall I'd review Black Mirror thusly...

National Anthem: 7/10, batty and original storyline, exceptionally well cast and acted, let down by innumerable plot holes and the sheer ludicrousness of the plot

15 Million Merits: 9/10, standout of the series that rose above its very obvious subject matter to create a world you believed (to a degree) and characters you could engage with.

The history of You: 5/10, poorest of the three by some margin...

Be interesting to see if this gets another series (I'm not sure if Brooker even planned it to go on beyond these three stories) if it does I'd hope for more like the first two and less like the third!
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