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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

101. American Ninja: D
102. Revenge of the Ninja: D
103. Lonesome Dove: A
104. Black Swan: B
105. Westworld: B-

This 1973 movie about a company who specializes in fantasy vacations using robots as participants is very dated. It stars Yule Brenner and James Brolin with a cameo by Trek's own Majel Barrett as a tavern madam.

I tried to keep in mind the era it was made when watching this even still it felt like a mashup of period era TOS episodes. Jumping around from Western World to Medieval World and Roman World. The sets just looked bad. They only mentioned how the robots were programmed to not hurt humans about 7 times in the first 30-40 min of the movie that they all but put up a sign saying, "Wait for robots to malfunction and kill humans". Then the control room door locking shut in a power outage and them suffocating. Really, all this high tech and you don't have the control room ventilated? When our hero runs into the tech guy and he mentions that acid would help take out the lead series robot chasing him I just waited. Sure enough when he enters the lab there is a try with 4 bottles clearly labeled 'Acid'. Wow, didn't see that coming.

I feel my B- is actually generous.
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