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Re: Fan Film Writer's Primer

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Thanks, Nick.
You're very welcome. I love talking about this stuff.

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My observation (and, honestly, my bias) is that Section 31 is never a good idea. That said, it didn't bother me here.
I'd agree with the first comment. But thanks anyway, Dennis, you're always far too kind.

Honestly, the only reason we used Section 31 at all is that I was trying to pay homage to all the fan productions around at the time, and wanted to sneak in a cameo for Eric Busby's Section 31 characters. There really wasn't any other reason for it, and in hindsight I wish I'd done it without adding the conspiracy subplot. It was just utterly extraneous and really adds nothing particularly important to the plot that couldn't have been addressed in other ways. I can't wait to move past it.

Completely unrelated, but I was really proud of the homage to Phase II (or New Voyages as they still were back then). It's also one of the nicer scenes in the entire thing, IMO.
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