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My biggest issue with Heavy Lies the Crown and Transitions and Lamentations is that I would expect the Federation to reassess the colonization request after the first attack, before allowing colonization to proceed. In particular, I would expect the Federation to wish to determine first why the Surai are attacking, and whether they already have any legitimate claim to the Charybdis Sector

I realize that Section 31 is pushing for colonization for some reason, which could explain the Federation position, but why hasn't this incongruity occurred to the colonists and the crew of the Intrepid? Maybe I missed something, too, and perhaps these questions will be addressed in future episodes.

Rest assured though, I will be watching. I'm enjoying Intrepid so far.
Thanks. It's always nice to get this sort of positive yet constructive feedback.

My take's always been that the Federation doesn't really have much authority over what the colonists do. They're setting up a colony in neutral space (although in fairness, once the colony's established it's no longer neutral). The Federation can't really tell them what to do, and Starfleet's only along for the ride because the Federation Council feel obligated to protect their citizens. Indeed, the colonists didn't want Starfleet there at all, and were it not for the attacks would have told them to get lost already.

Also, keep in mind there's only a week or so between the two attacks, so it's possible the Federation may not have acted yet. I would imagine they could try and remove the colony, though the colonists themselves may delay that by legal challenge. I'd also imagine the Federation Council might be more cautious about such things in the wake of the situation with the Cardassian DMZ. Of course, they should also be more cautious about far flung colonys given the Cestus III incident. Honest answer? It's probably not as well thought out as it should be.

If I had to do it over again I'd make different decisions myself.

Talking of which, the whole Section 31 aspect was really poorly considered, and in hindsight I wouldn't have included it at all. The colony/aliens story was interesting enough to stand without all that conspiracy babble, and it's by far the weakest and most fannish aspect of the story.
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