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Re: The Dark Knight Rises Anticipation Station

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This trailer gives no indication of what the story is going to be
That's a slight exaggeration.
Really? Then please tell me what the story is. From all I can gather from the trailer alone, the movie is about Bane destroying a football stadium and Batman fighting him because of it.

Seriously though, the trailer is a montage of cool stuff happening, but with no context on why or how things are happening. There is nothing wrong with that. If anything, a lack of story can be a good thing as it gets audiences curious how all the stuff fits together, thus generating interest in the film (like this movie needs any).

This seems to be a recurring trait of the trailers for Nolan's films. The comment I was making upthread wasn't a criticism, but a observation that when Nolan releases trailers like this, the internet falls over itself, but when other films by other, top notch directors do this, they are ripped apart, such as was the case with Tintin.
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