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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

Admiral, you like Quantum of Solace? Explain!

Demotion, you like Die Another Day? Explain!

D, I was so excited when my asking for recommendations was quoted, because I thought you were going to give me something, but I hate The Great Gatsby! Oiy, Fitzgerald! My sister swears by that and Tender is the Night too. I am so in the Lion's Den!

But you know what is really sad? Maggie Smith is a far better actor than Tom Cruise, but you're right, she isn't a box-office behemoth- unless you count Potter. It is quite sad that we don't reward people for their skills, or that the numbers don't translate. That's the funny thing about QofS, too, it was in the most theaters with the highest ticket prices, so yeah, it is the best moneymaker. But is it the best 007 film? Heck no.

I think my examples with Dien- weak family tie no help- and Cage - had to cut family tie- both get to why I don't like nepotism. I don't like the idea that people have to at some point say who they are or where they come from and use it to positively or negatively move in showbiz. I wish people could just be themselves, onscreen, do their thing and truly rise or fall on their skill. I know that is incredibly idealistic of me, but. Those who have talent might never realize their potential and take the easy fall back on the family laurels. Others with no talent will be in our face for no dang good reason. coughkardashianscough. I feel the same way about Zoe Kravitz. I see no skills in her as yet, but we are supposed to accept her a progeny because of her parents. Why doesn't she drop her last name and stop dressing in her mother's Cosby clothes? Because she wouldn't be anywhere without either.

You are starting to make me feel bad that I don't love Toby. I value you guys' opinions, and you like him, so what in the heck do you see that I don't? I swear by Maggie. She is so up here for me, and he is just...there. Does he not meet my expectations perhaps?

Wow, I am getting looong winded.

Admiral, do you remember a long time ago Craig saying something like he liked have the big safety as Bond because it also freed him to do the indy roles he liked? How in the heck would he have room for other stuff if this goes through. He wouldn't have to do anything.

Whew. I think I'm going to sleep now.
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