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Re: Fan Film Writer's Primer

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The PROBLEM of THE Problem

Dramatic stories are about solving a Problem, but it's easy to get this wrong.

The fundamentals
  1. FIRST ACT should set up the Problem that faces the Protagonist
  2. SECOND ACT should Complicate the problem, make decisions/action more difficult
  3. THIRD ACT should be where the Protagonist makes a Decision that leads to the action required to solve/resolve the problem
And this requires the Protagonist to experience:
  • an intellectual climax wherein she decides what must be done
  • an emotional climax wherein something impels her to finally take the difficult action
  • which usually leads to an action climax (no sex jokes, please) wherein she actually does what needs to be done
  • What must the Protagonist DO to resolve the Problem?
  • What decision does he make?
  • What drives it?
  • And what action does he take?
The problem with most fanfilm scripts is that the characters are REACTIVE and not ACTIVE. They are not propelling the story by making decisions; they are reacting to the complication of the moment. That’s passive, not active.
I'm going to go out on a limb here, which is something I don't often do, and say that for all the other shortcomings Intrepid may have, the writing is not one of them. Heavy Lies the Crown, despite the awful audio (amongst other issues) has a pretty solid script that generally follows these rules (IMO of course).

Now this is not to say I think it's a perfect script (I'm not that foolish or deluded - it has more than it's share of problems) and I've written far better since, but as these things (and first efforts) go I think it's pretty decent.
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