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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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The end of your quote is particularly facetious given that the settlers were (or should have been) allowed to continue living peacefully as long as they didn't mind being under Cardassian rule. While the normal settlers might have had to deal with some attacks (and let's not pretend this didn't occur on both sides), the Federation and Cardassians were not teaming up to attack people who just wanted to live in peace, they were teaming up to attack people who were actively engaging in terrorism and threatening a peace that was, at least in theory, saving many more lives.
But that's not what is going on. The Central Command is actively arming and assisting the Cardassian settlers in the DMZ. Is the Federation actively doing the same for the Federation colonists? No. The Maquis were living peacefully until they were attacked by the Cardassians. In response, they began to defend themselves and Starfleet/the Federation basically came in and said "Oh, no you don't!" If the UFP was really willing to let them live in the DMZ with the understanding that they would receive no assistance from Starfleet, then they shouldn't act against them when they defend themselves against Cardassian aggression. The best course of action for the Federation would have to been to leave the Maquis and the Cardassians to their own devices.

And, since it always seems to get lost in the shuffle (no bias I'm sure...) I'll reiterate that it wasn't just Federation settlers who "lost" their planets.
Yet there was no need for the "lost" Cardassian planets to rise up and engage in terrorism. They were protected by the Federation, which had no intent to harm them, unlike how the Cardassian government felt about the Federation's "lost" planets.
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