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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

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Back to Toby. I didn't know I needed evidence for something that was just my opinion.
Not liking his acting is your opinion and you're entitled to it. Saying that he only gets work through nepotism is an allegation or statment of fact, quite a serious one, and it demands backing up.

And yeah, Graves stinks and you can't completely fault an actor for a crappy part, but I also don't like him in Sharpe's Challenge or Jane Eyre. I don't like the guy, sorry. I've given him the benefit of the doubt, and I don't think he can act.
That's fair enough, you're entitled to dislike him. I don't really care for his performance in DAD either and I'm one of the few who actually like that movie!

Do you have a film he's done that you recommend as an example of his merits?
I liked him in the tv movie of The Great Gatsby that was on BBC about a decade or so but I haven't seen an awful lot of his work.

At best, you can say Toby's skills leave some doubt
You can say that. Others might disagree. He is primarily a stage actor, after all.

but there is no mistaking that his mother is awesome.
As was his father.

So why did the apple fall far from the tree here for me?
Only you can answer that.

I think she is a star, she certainly has the hardware for it. Is he too young?
43 next birthday in April?

Too stage based where we don't see what is his best stateside?

I really think that he's just giving an acting a go because of his family. It's like Joely and Natasha Richardson, was there any doubt they would become actresses?
I'm sure there are members of their family who didn't go into acting.

Some people just come from acting families, and that is a critical part of their CV, oh yes indeed. You would be a fool to presume that Suri Cruise is going to get anywhere on her own merits.
Are you really saying that Maggie Smith, who is a respected British stage actress, but hardly a box-office behemoth, has the same clout with directors and casting agents as Hollywood-based Tom Cruise, who has been one of the biggest movie stars in the world for almost 25 years?!

Some people are even desperate to connect themselves to any acting family possible. Casper Van Dien pushed the 'grandson in law to Robert Mitchum' connection for all it was worth.
It clearly wasn't worth an awful lot, to look at the state of his career, was it? Doesn't this undermine your point that nepotism works wonders for the untalented? (And I'd never heard of that connection)

Nicholas Cage wanted to change his name and not be a Coppola, but he certainly took roles in Uncle Frank's films. Sherri Moon in all of Rob Zombies films, anyone?
Cage did indeed take roles with Uncie Frank until he blew it with his unprofessional behaviour on Peggy Sue Got Married and he hasn't been in a Coppola movie since. But Nic has the thesp talent and that's why he's gone on to have a successful acting career since. As oppose to cousin Sofia, who got her break through Daddy but has done little acting since, because her lack of acting talent was apparent (but fortunately, she's a good director). Nepotism only takes you so far. And Mr Stephens has gone a lot further than that.

Nepotism, Hollywood is rank with it. Nothing new, but an excuse for lots of people to get lots of places. Not sure why you guys think my saying it is that big a deal?
Because you claimed that Stephens, an acclaimed stage and screen actor with an extensive CV, was only getting roles because of who his mother was. It's just such a preposterous allegation it had to be addressed.
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