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Re: Star Ship AJAX Production

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As has been noted before the acting skills and technical aspects such as camera work, editing and audio are so good in "Hollywood" productions that they can for the short term distract attention from a weak script. Look at Miami Vice sometime. In a lot of cases those episodes don't hold up simply because the scripts were weak. On first viewing, the camera work, the stylish sets, the beautiful clothes and overall atmosphere created by the flashy editing were enough to call attention away from the fact that the scripts were full of holes...
I don't agree. We're talking about the difference between competent and not competent. In Maurice's thread on writing he talks about things like three act structure, etc. - the people making a movie like Transformers II at least get this kind of thing right; most fan films don't.
I'm not really disagreeing. My overall point is that the weaknesses and errors of fan films are of a sort that you just don't see in the vast majority of fully professional productions. You just don't see things like framing errors, bad edits or off-mic audio in professional productions and that makes them really jump out. Viewers may not know how to label the mistakes, but they do notice them.
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