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Re: Star Ship AJAX Production

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Someone should pass that one along to the pros in Hollywood.
They know how to competently construct a filmable story. That's step one.
As has been noted before the acting skills and technical aspects such as camera work, editing and audio are so good in "Hollywood" productions that they can for the short term distract attention from a weak script. Look at Miami Vice sometime. In a lot of cases those episodes don't hold up simply because the scripts were weak. On first viewing, the camera work, the stylish sets, the beautiful clothes and overall atmosphere created by the flashy editing were enough to call attention away from the fact that the scripts were full of holes and in some cases the acting wasn't all that great. What often happens with fan films, in my opinion, is that the amateurish camera work, editing and acting leave the weaknesses in the scripts exposed for God and everyone else to see. When you view the various parts of Exeter's "Tressaurian Intersection" the acting is overall good (with a couple of exceptions) and the script is damn good, but there are still problems with jerky cutaways and sluggish transitions that simply wouldn't happen with a "Hollywood" production.
Again, that's no knock on anyone involved with a fan production. Just an honest assessment of what I see.
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