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Re: Does It Get Better???

Yeah, if everyone could please refrain from spoilers I would REALLY appreciate it. I'm having to ignore half the posts in my own thread because so many people insist on discussing episodes I haven't even watched yet. If this were a different thread that would be fine, but it's not.

On a happier note, I watched two more episodes last night and had a blast:

Prototype: Good use of the Prime Directive, and I thought the robots were pretty fascinating. A solid episode.

Alliances: The first truly exceptional episode of Voyager. If I had any doubts about this show before, they have now been silenced by this terrific episode. Alliances featured some great development for the Kazon arc; the Trabe were introduced and we learned about their history with the Kazon; Janeway attempted to form an alliance with the Kazon, and their one attempt at peace was foiled by none other than the Trabe. I was genuinely surprised and shocked by the ending. Seska was entertaining as always, as were the Kazon, who I am now finally starting to warm up to.
This episode took me for such a loop. It was entertaining from beginning to end and extremely well written.

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