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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

It says for noobs to say hi here, so hi.

Feel free to engage me ... in conversation.

I hated Voyager the first time I ever saw it while it was airing and only caught it mid-series. Confusing as hell. Then when I decided one day to start watching from Episode 1 it started making a lot more sense and was much more enjoyable. Unlike that ENT thingy that never made sense until it was nearly over and then left its original storyline and produced great episodes after the cancellation was announced. *sigh* I still hate Archer but love when the other captains display his "bad" personality traits.

Oh, what else to say? I think I've been watching Trek since Season 5 or 6 of TNG aired first time. Since then I've seen all 28 seasons and 11 movies.

Why does the Doctor need to go to a holodeck to play golf? Shouldn't he be able to just close his eyes and execute some subroutines?

I suspect everyone hates Harry Kim primarily for refusing Seven when she instructs him to take off his clothes.
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