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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

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Daniel Craig doing 5 more films? God I hope not. I like him, I really do, but by the time Skyfall comes out he'll be 44 so add another 10 years onto that and he'll probably be the same age as Brosnan when he left the role...the difference is I'm not sure Craig will look as good by then as Pierce did. Be nice to see him do for films, or maybe 5 in total, but 7 or 8? Nah...
I wouldn't be so sure. Remember Roger Moore played Bond until he was 59, and while A View to a Kill was pants, Octopussy was considered a very strong Bond film. Sean Connery (who is actually younger than Moore by several years) came back in his mid-50s to do Never Say Never Again which wasn't a very good Bond film but he did a terrific job and could have gone on to do more if he'd wanted to. And Brosnan could still be doing Bonds today had the powers that be not decided to go with the reboot route.

I don't see any reason why Craig couldn't keep playing the role until he's 60 if he wants to and he stays in shape. It all boils down to the films themselves. If the films are good it reflects well on the actor. Roger Moore isn't everyone's cup of tea, but he made two of the best Bond films of all time - The Spy Who Loved and For Your Eyes Only, along with Octopussy which got very good reviews and is still highly regarded - when he was well into his 50s. And the attempt to replace him with James Brolin (yes, that James Brolin) in the early 80s fell though.

As long as Craig remains popular and the films keep making money and, most importantly, Craig still wants to do it, I say more power to him. Though I assume if this rumor is true, Wilson will undoubtedly include some "out" in Craig's contract, so that if he were to wear out his welcome before it expires, they'd be able to end the contract and recast Bond.

I agree about taking this report with a grain of salt, remembering so-called reputable media also reported that every surviving Bond girl was going to appear in either Die Another Day or The World is Not Enough (indeed, everyone from Ursula Andress on down), and that Sean Connery had been cast as Bond's father in either Die Another Day or Casino Royale (or was it both?).

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