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So, are you saying that you wouldn't take offense if you lived in Poland in 1938 and the government came to you and said "We've decided to give your home, your land and all your family's possessions to the Nazis so they won't invade us and you have no say in it. But don't worry, we're going to relocate you to somewhere else. And, if you resist, we'll help the Nazis hunt you down and throw you in prison."?
Wow, Godwin is spinning...

If they said, "Either you can move to a place that's at least as nice as where you're living now, and we'll cover all your expenses, and pay you a hefty fee for the inconvenience of you having to give up your home, or you can stay here with the understanding that you're no longer under our jurisdiction and we can't guarantee your safety, though we'll try? Oh and by the way, you're helping to avert a war and saving a whole lotta lives either way?"

Yeah, I think I could live with that.

The end of your quote is particularly facetious given that the settlers were (or should have been) allowed to continue living peacefully as long as they didn't mind being under Cardassian rule. While the normal settlers might have had to deal with some attacks (and let's not pretend this didn't occur on both sides), the Federation and Cardassians were not teaming up to attack people who just wanted to live in peace, they were teaming up to attack people who were actively engaging in terrorism and threatening a peace that was, at least in theory, saving many more lives.

It may not be reasonable to ask people to give up their homes for "the greater good", but how reasonable is it to demand that your country go to war with a foreign power that -will cost many lives- just because you won't give up your home?

And, since it always seems to get lost in the shuffle (no bias I'm sure...) I'll reiterate that it wasn't just Federation settlers who "lost" their planets.
I tend to agree with this sentiment.

From my understanding of the peace treaty between the Cardassian Union and the UFP. Several planets on both sides would swap. So some former worlds under Cardassian jurisdiction would swith to UFP and vice versa.

As evidence from TNG "Joureny's End", the Federation view at the end is 'we won't force you to relocte, but you give up your Federation Citizenship. Any request have to come through the Cardassians. Gul Evek seemed to imply that the Cardassian viewpoint was so long as you don't bother us we don't care.

To those that think the treaty was wrong. I have a question.

How do you justify to the hundreds of billions if not close to a Trillion citizens of the Federation that sorry citizens a few million people who might be incovenianced by it so we won't sign the treaty. Yes it might cost millions of lifes, hundreds of starships lost, planetry devesation to numerous worlds but the needs of the few out weigh the needs of the many.

Yes the treaty might not be perfect, but like any negotation it's a little bit o give and take. No doubt there were aspects of the traty that the Cardassians didn't like.
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