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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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All that said...while all of this is good stuff, its ironic that all this was set up for the sole purpose of creating the Maquis...and thus providing a hostile element for Voyager. Its sad that all this work would be for nothing since Voyager would ditch the whole concept by the end of its pilot. So DS9 would reap the benefits of a storyline created for Voyager simply because DS9 had writers that were committed to the concept.
This is all true. It's sad that VOY completely abandoned the concept of the Starfleet vs. the Maquis by the end of its first season (you can see the seeds already in the pilot when Chuckles shows up on the bridge in a Starfleet uniform).

It really blows my mind that all this trouble was went through just to create something for VOY (setting it up on TNG, properly introducing it here on DS9, revisiting it in the penultimate TNG episode, revisiting it again in the penultimate episode of DS9 Season Two) just so that they wouldn't have to burden VOY with massive amounts of exposition and then to have DS9 do so much more with it when DS9's showrunners wanted nothing to do with in the first place.

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I wasn't just speaking in terms of economic value. I don't get emotionally attached to a calculator partly because I know I can easily get another one if I have to. In the Federation, homes aren't at a premium (not as I understand the Federation, anyhow).

As someone who lives fairly close to an airport, I wonder whether the settlers may have been implicitly or explicitly there under any sort of eminent domain agreement.

In any case, it makes about as much sense to me personally as choosing to live in Iraq and then being upset when violence happens. If you're going to choose to live on the frontier, you may have to face the consequences of it. And as far as we know, nobody was there involuntarily...heck, Journey's End was all about settler relocation...and some other minor plot point I can't recall...
So, are you saying that you wouldn't take offense if you lived in Poland in 1938 and the government came to you and said "We've decided to give your home, your land and all your family's possessions to the Nazis so they won't invade us and you have no say in it. But don't worry, we're going to relocate you to somewhere else. And, if you resist, we'll help the Nazis hunt you down and throw you in prison."?
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