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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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I don't think it was that they were economically tied to those planets, as many people would be today. Like you said, in a world with FTL drives, transporters and replicators, relocation would be fairly simply.

It was that they were emotionally tied to those homes. They built something out of nothing, raised families there and didn't want to just leave it all behind to start up again somewhere else.

But besides that, it's their property and the Federation just swooped in and ordered them to hand it over. Many people would have a problem if their own government did that to them.
I wasn't just speaking in terms of economic value. I don't get emotionally attached to a calculator partly because I know I can easily get another one if I have to. In the Federation, homes aren't at a premium (not as I understand the Federation, anyhow).

As someone who lives fairly close to an airport, I wonder whether the settlers may have been implicitly or explicitly there under any sort of eminent domain agreement.

In any case, it makes about as much sense to me personally as choosing to live in Iraq and then being upset when violence happens. If you're going to choose to live on the frontier, you may have to face the consequences of it. And as far as we know, nobody was there involuntarily...heck, Journey's End was all about settler relocation...and some other minor plot point I can't recall...
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