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Re: The Dark Knight Rises Anticipation Station

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Again, why rush to have a promo if it gives off a shaky vibe?
Not only is Bane hard to understand, if at all, but unfinished f/x?
The film is six months away. Do you expect the film to have completed special effects in that time? Regardless, I thought the special effects in the football stadium scene looked great. I'm sure they will look even better come July 20th.

I know it's Nolan and I hear fanboys excusing this but if it were Michael Bay the same people (maybe not here) would be ripping Bay a new one for releasing a subpar teaser. I'd love to hear Joe Q Public's take on this. What impression are they getting?
"Subpar teaser" being your opinion. I've seen the prologue twice now, and every time people are cheering and clapping. I haven't seen the trailer in a theater yet - and I plan to soon - but nearly every bootleg I've seen has people in the theater clapping, cheering and clearly very excited. I think my favorite reaction has been a huge round of applause followed by someone shouting out "THANK YOU, NOLAN!" Clearly people have been enthralled by what they have seen from the prologue and trailer.
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