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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

The great part about this episode is that its part of a larger tapestry about the gradual demoralizing and decay of the Cardassian Union. The Cardassians might have been provoking the colonists, but even their typical shift toward brutality fails to quell the rebellion within their border. As much as the Federation dislikes the Maquis and distrusts the Cardassians...the Maqui do serve the purpose of undermining Cardassian authority rather publicly. When you factor in the Cardassians forced with withdrawals from Bajor and what we learn about the poor conditions on Cardassia Prime under military rule...what we are shown is a society that is in deep decline. Its not surprising that the military government would be overthrown...and that would lead to even more instability. The eventual invasion by the Klingons was essentially the final straw. It makes their eventual absorption into the Dominion seem logical.

All that said...while all of this is good stuff, its ironic that all this was set up for the sole purpose of creating the Maquis...and thus providing a hostile element for Voyager. Its sad that all this work would be for nothing since Voyager would ditch the whole concept by the end of its pilot. So DS9 would reap the benefits of a storyline created for Voyager simply because DS9 had writers that were committed to the concept.
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