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Re: Shaping a Cardassian--"Among the Dragons" -- Edited

[This chapter contains sexual references. While there is no explicit, graphic, or anatomical content, presence of sexual and sensual themes is strongly present. Reader’s discretion is advised.]


Chapter 24—Day 715

“Is it me, or was your armour exceptionally shiny today?” I asked, entering his quarters aboard the Roumar.

He didn’t reply at first. He was sitting in front of a window, facing the stars and I could easily tell he was tired. “I asked one of gareshes to polish it,” he said quietly.

“Oh, a garesh. And, silly me, I thought you worked hard to make it so shiny that it looked almost like a silver armour of a legate.”

He only harrumphed, but a small smile played on his lips.

He wasn’t wearing his armour now; it lay on the sofa, probably thrown carelessly.

“Hungry?” he asked.

“Are you kidding me? We just spent the whole day eating. Besides, it’s like four o’clock in the morning. I don’t eat at such an hour; I sleep.”

He stood up and approached me. He wasn’t the tallest Cardassian ever, but I still felt dwarfed by him. He caressed my eyebrow—for some reason he liked doing it. I guess it fascinated him just like his eye ridges fascinated me. His finger traversed down to my chin and he leaned to kiss me. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to sit with him on the sofa. I sat next to him and stroke his hair. I pulled it back; it was long enough for a tiny pony tail. I hadn’t planned that, but pulling his hair away behind his ears exposed his neck ridges. We had had moments of intimacy, but there were still “regions” I was no allowed to and his neck ridges belong to that group, probably holding the first place.

Did they still?

I slid my finger down the ridged edge of his ear, but did not proceed toward his chin ridge, but below the ear and down his neck instead. At first there seemed not to be any reaction, but a deep sigh I heard after a moment told me that my touch had an effect. Lack of his stopping me was a clear message—I was not banned from the fascinating Cardassian neck ridges any longer.

First, I slid my fingers down the edge of the ridge, but then changed my tactics. I sat on his lap to face him. He kissed me, but after a moment I pulled away. I placed my hands on his chin and then again moved them to the top of his ridges. This time, I slid my fingers just below the row of the big scales, stroking the tiny ones that looked like human skin from distance.

His facial expression was priceless. My fingers traversed down his collarbone ridge and returned up his neck to his chin and the blissful expression didn’t change even for a moment. Was all his neck that sensitive?

If my fingers brought so much pleasure, how about...

I leaned closer, kissed his neck ridge, leaving my tongue lingering on it for a longer moment. Something vibrated deep inside him and I probably wouldn’t hear it, but since my body was pressed to him, I felt it.

He moved and for a terrible second I thought I’d done something very bad and was just about to land on the floor, but he only wanted to rise and carry me to his—our?—bedroom.

If I’d thought we had had moments of intimacy before, I was just about to find out what a real intimacy meant. And those magical moments weren’t marred even by little technical difficulties and precautions we had to take not to hurt me...

Sweet Kamadeva, it was well worth waiting!
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