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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Well an android is real, you can actually touch him, but with a hologram he's just energy and forcefields. I think for many people real is what you can touch which is solid, can a person have a soul without substance? Another thing is that holograms and androids have computer programs to generate their sentience. While people in the late 24th century could accept an android to have sentience, I think a hologram is an even further stretch of their imagination for how their AI can go.
If we go that route, then I have a hard time understanding how they accept non-corporeal lifetimes as sentient and "alive." TOS goes so far as to say that certain non-corporeal aliens are full-blown members of the Federation. If they are willing to accept that they are "real" when they're essentially nothing more than energy, why not sentient holograms?

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Ignoring all alliances, the US would be capable of taking down France if it really wanted, but would the US government want to go through months of brutal slaughter and the deaths of tens of thousands of personnel (not to mention civilians) if there was an offer on the table that was "good enough"?
Given the fact that just about everyone in both of our major parties is gung-ho for any war they can think of (I know of only two or three exceptions - out of the 536 main players in the U.S. national government), I'd say yes they would. There's also the fact that the current administration has escalated the war in Afghanistan, massively bombarded Libya, kept troops in Iraq until the Iraqi government told them to get the hell out and sent multiple drone attacks into Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen. Also, there's the fact that the media (both liberal and conservative) are more than willing to beat the drums for any war propaganda they're offered - just like the mouthpieces of the state they are.

But, as for The Maquis - when I first saw it, I was fully on the side of the Federation. Like TheGodBen said, they're the "good guys" after all. Now, I'm fully on the side of the Maquis. The UFP screwed these people big time. Even the Federation's justification is atrocious - they did it for the greater good. You can justify anything by saying it's for the greater good. The fact is that they sacrificed these people in order to make a pretty lousy treaty - as if peace at any price was acceptable. Even the Jem'Hadar know what a mistake the treaty was!

The episode itself, however, is excellent. One thing I'll point out, which I don't think anyone else has yet, is that I love that they had a Vulcan be one of the major Maquis players. It gives their side much more weight to see not only a non-Human but a Vulcan come to the conclusion that they are right and the UFP is wrong.
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