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Wow, that had to be one of the dullest season finales I've ever seen-- with one of the most boring ass villains ever. Hey, let's watch Travis sit on a couch! And talk to himself! And walk aimlessly around Dexter's apartment while wearing his shirt!

And of course you knew nothing was ever going to happen to Harrison, so that whole showdown on the roof never had an ounce of suspense to it. (Not to mention the ridiculous idea that Dexter was able to destroy the painting of his face before anyone else saw it? Seriously??)

As for the final seconds, yeah it was a great moment... but the way the writers have seriously undercut Debra's character, I'm kinda scared to see how they have her deal with it next season. Now instead of just being naturally shocked and confused, she'll have all these extra "feelings" getting in the way. And who knows what kind of crazy direction that'll lead to.
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