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Re: Star Ship AJAX Production


I would like to apologize on behalf of the Ajax production crew for the out of line comments made in our former thread. These problems should never have been made public and names should never have been slandered.

I haven't checked in on this post in a couple of weeks and I am embarrassed by statements made on our behalf. It was a valiant effort to point out that this set us back and try to find us some assistance but unfortunately it was turned into a mud sling with people not with our project speaking as if they were.

Please let me point out that there are three people on the Oklahoma production team John Hughes, JC England and myself Richard Wells. We are the only people who should be answering questions and supplying information in these forums as we are the only ones with the complete information. Others who are speaking on our behalf haven't the right.

It is unfortunate that we lost the sets from the south hanger but being in charge of the build I am not concerned. It is a set back but those sets are not our priority and there really wasn't much other than some poorly built flats that we can easily replace.

Also if there is anyone who feels they have been treated unfairly by the Ajax team, or anyone implying they are part of the team, please contact John or myself personally and let's try to work things out. There is NO ONE else who should be contacting or communicating with anyone about Starship Ajax business.

The budget is tight and we are considering storage as one of the options but NOT our only option. My focus is completing the bridge set, not only for the Ajax production but for any production wishing to use it. As we continue along we will add sets as needed and hopefully soon be able to return to the original goal of being able to provide a complete duplicate of the stage 9 sets for any Star Trek fan film to use for their production.

With that being said, I hold no malice with any of the parties involved. Our open door policy WILL remain in effect and everyone, even the parties mentioned in the other thread, is welcome to come to Oklahoma and film on our sets.

To make sure this new thread stays focused I promise to start being more active with this forum and provide the updates on our progress. As always I welcome any feedback from the rest of you.

I want to make this point absolutely clear. If you are not one of the three people listed above DO NOT presume to speak on our behalf.

I hope we can put this unfortunate indecent behind us and get back to work.

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