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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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So I watched some STV and I see a lot of comments on and other sites that Voyager totaly weakened the Borg a lot. Why do people assume this?
Wow that's a blast from the past, don't think I've been there for ten years or more....amazing.
They still putting out their animations, they used to be highlights of my geeky childhood

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Supernuke wrote: View Post
Then Voyager goes on to destroy entire groups of Borg ships without getting a scratch
Repeating what I said above: No - that never happened.

Outside of a small scout ship, Voyager never killed a single Borg ship on its own without outside help of some kind, much less "entire groups." "Endgame" was the only thing I'd consider overkill, but even then they were working with fancy future technology and someone who had spent years upon years dealing with and studying the Borg.

We saw a large group of Cubes just once, in "Scorpion." And the only thing Voyager did was sit there and wet its pants as they flew by.
I think the one I have a problem with is Unimatrix Zero Part 1...
The new looking cube is talked up to be a "Tactical cube" (why they'd need one of them is debatable but...there it is) and then Voyager dances around it and gets its shields down by making the Delta Flyer explode slightly near to it, or whatever their plan was.
Then Kim calls out that they have lost a Nacelle then in the NEXT effects shot the nacelle is shown to take damage (seriously, someone dropped the ball there, switched the FX around or something) and despite that they somehow jump to warp on one nacelle, something that's never been possible in Trek before that...

Yeah, then the whole "assimilation is mind-rape, its the worst thing that can ever happen to you, but we're going to voluntarily choose to do it for a laugh then forget all about it next week" thing was taking the pee a bit too.
Also the Vulcan, the one with the strongest mental discipline of the lot of them, is the one that is overwhelmed....what?

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The Intrepid-Class was a post-Borg ship like the Defiant, so naturally it would have more survivability against the Borg.
When the series started (and I used to have Fact Files to back me up on this) Voyager was a science vessel with less armaments and defences than a Galaxy class vessel, obviously designed that way by the writers to make the delta quadrant situation more of a struggle for them than if they were sauntering around in a Galaxy class...

Its only real tactical advantage was a higher warp speed which it could cruise at for longer...

At some point it was retconned to be a super powerful warship with the Science vessel stuff ignored, I don't know if this was a fanboy thing or the producers change to suit the more action oriented later series...
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