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SFDebris does a really good review of "The Maquis" two-part where he points how stupid and unfair the treaty is .... you should check it out, there's a link on YT I'm sure.
I've seen it (as I have all his Trek reviews) and he makes some good points, and all I can think to say is that that's realpolitik for you.

Using another example from Irish history, because that's what I know, the Irish leaders were willing to leave behind the Irish nationalists that lived in Northern Ireland following the War of Independence because that was the price for peace. The result of that was that dissidents in both communities joined paramilitary groups and fought against one another, including a limited amount of collusion between the security services on both sides with the paramilitary factions. But while this paramilitary war waged on for decades, both the British and Irish governments officially kept the peace even though they didn't like one another, because neither side was interested in a return to full-scale war.

However bad things get with the Maquis in the DMZ, it will still cost fewer lives than it would if Starfleet and the Central Command sent in their ships to duke it out. The peace is stupid, absolutely, but acting stupid is sometimes better than losing an arm.
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