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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

194. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (B+)

I'd hesitate to call this the best in the series, since I have a soft spot for Brian DePalma's 1996 movie, but it's a terrific blockbuster, especially for being the fourth in an action franchise. Simon Pegg steals the show, but Cruise is very good. The rest of the cast doesn't leave much of an impression (including Jeremy Renner, who won't be taking over any time soon, I think, despite pre-release rumors) but they get the job done. There are three cameos by characters from previous movies, all of which brought a smile, and two of which totally surprised me. Brad Bird has transitioned well to live action, overall.

Only two scenes ring false: Renner's backstory explanation, and Ethan Hunt's over-the-top admiration for his team at the end. They did well, but the script has him lay it on a little thick.

The IMAX, by the way, is very well done. It's a shame the whole movie wasn't in the format. The Dubai skyscraper sequence in particular really benefits from the huge screen -- I haven't been legitimately on the edge of my seat like that in a while. Go see it in a real IMAX theatre, though.
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