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^I might be wrong, but I think the easiest way to kill Morinth is to make her the second fire team leader. IIRC only Miranda or a loyal Jacob and Garrus can survive that.
I'd planned on having her taken by the swarms by using a less capable biotic as the shield. Unfortunately Legion got taken instead. I'll have to try it that way next time
You might want to try using this. It has just about everything you need to plan any squadmate's doom.
There's also this tool I mentioned before (DL link at bottom of first post) that you can use to test out your plan.

At a glance I think you picked the worst way to get her killed since she's the *last* henchmen that the swarms would take. Indeed she and Samara appear to be at the bottom of the list for everything. It looks like even if you leave her to hold the line on her own she'd still survive because she's always loyal (in the context of the game mechanics that is, I wouldn't trust that psycho for a nanosecond.)
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