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Re: Star Ship AJAX Production

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I agree with CRA on this. Fan-filmmakers often sabotage themselves by biting off more than they can chew. It's hard enough to make a film when you can use existing locations and clothing, and adding set, prop and costume construction to that adds expense/time/stress which can make it more difficult to ever actually get into production, let alone through post.

Fan filmmakers constantly miss out on the fact that the cheapest thing to make is actually the most important: THE SCRIPT. I'm not going to win any brownie points here, but the vast majority of fanfilm scripts are not good. They're typically plodding, clichéd, and antidramatic. If you have a good script, you're halfway here, no matter how if any few sets you have.

Think of the movie Lifeboat: it's set entirely on one set (the boat). You could do an entire show on the bridge alone and make it riveting if the story and the acting are good.

My two cents.
Also agreed.
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