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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

It is quite a fun event. Have to say the Mirror Universe Event is somewhat insane! Though it did make an eventful mark of my promotion to Vice Admiral (still have half the episodes arcs to do though).

I'm wondering if there could be something for the Admiral ranks that allows you to run 'extra' ships kind of like the DOff system, where you can buy extra ships (or use old ones), select a captain from your BOffs, and send it on its way to missions. Hell, you could spend Starfleet Merit points (if they're still about, haven't looked too heavily at that kind of thing) when beginning a mission to be accompanied by one of your 'fleet' ships. That way, being an Admiral is more like an actual commander in the fleet, rather than a ship captain with a few extra doodats on his rank collar.
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