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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

180. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (A-)

Discussed in the movie's own thread, but, in brief, it's a lot of fun. The box office returns are disappointing, because I think blockbusters are rarely this well-done.

181. 50/50 (A-)

A man gets cancer, and hilarity ensues.

Obviously, cancer isn't funny; my father passed away from cancer earlier this year. But I'm a big believer that with the right approach virtually anything can be the subject of humour (The Onion has produced some genuinely hilarious jokes about genocide), and in this case, genuine cancer survivor Will Reiser writes a semi-autobiographical tale that is both emotionally compelling and funny. Joseph Gordon-Levitt turns in another strong lead performance (he feels like an actor perennially just short of a superstar-making role). Seth Rogen (playing a renamed version of himself, apparently) gets many of the best lines, and is the subject of probably the film's most touching moment. I think the script is a little too harsh on Bryce Dallas Howard's character. Anna Kendrick is charming (though verging on being typecast).
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