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Re: Prometheus: Ridley Scott returns to Sci-Fi

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Ugh Soldier. That was a bad movie.

Here is a very interesting interview with Scott which shows the direction the story is heading it.

No Xenomorph he says because it's at Disneyland. How the fu*k did we get to that point?
I like it much better now that he put that spin on it and compartmentalized the aliens somewhat. This could be the start of a new franchise because of that, if he cleans it up a little. Higher beings should clean it up alot. There's alot of potential in the premise of a crazy theory being put out there about the gods and it could have plenty of follow up material as well which is always a good thing, as it breaches a new area of sci-fi that is full of fundemantal questions since aliens are really just another branch of the supernatural, paranormal and occult anyway. So there is overlap with real science and sci-fi of course.
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